Forensics Episodes

Forensics Medico-legal Mental Health Psychiatry

Ep.52 - John Crichton - Forensic Psychiatry From Plato to the Modern ‘Insanity’ Defence

March 5, 2021

John Crichton considers the origins of Scotland’s ‘insanity’ law and what ancient themes are still relevant today.


Ep.48 - Ian Burney - The House Of Murder: The Emergence Of The Forensic Team

Jan. 8, 2021

Dr Burney uses the notorious case of the serial murderer John Christie (1953) to explore the contours of English homicide investigation at mid-century and detail the broader ‘forensic culture’ within which the case unfolded.

Anatomy Burke & Hare Edinburgh Forensics

Ep.16 - Lisa Rosner - Crime Scene Edinburgh: Forensic Science In The Era Of Burke And Hare

June 10, 2020

Prof. Lisa Rosner takes a CSI-style approach to discuss the notorious murders carried out by Burke and Hare, who supplied bodies for dissection at Edinburgh's medical school.

Anatomy Forensics

Ep.1 - Sue Black - The History of Forensic Anthropology

June 10, 2020

Charts the history of forensic anthropology in the UK and illustrate its constant links back to so many aspects of applied anatomy.