Gender Episodes

Head To Toe Dermatology Gender Skin

Ep.1 - Head To Toe - Skin

March 31, 2023

Join us as we explore the history of medicine, from head to toe! This time: skin.

Gender Mental Health

Ep.27 - James Kennaway - The Piano Plague: The Medical Campaign Against Female Musical Education

June 10, 2020

For much of the 19th-C there was serious medical discussion about the dangers of excessive music in girls’ education. This examines theories relating to this medical panic and consider motivations behind it.

Gender Mental Health Psychiatry

Ep.10 - Gayle Davis - The Female Malady: The Relationship Between Madness, Psychiatry And Gender

June 10, 2020

Explores the relationship between madness, psychiatry and gender over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, using the Royal Edinburgh Asylum as a case study.