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Ep.5 - Past & Present - Genito - Urinary

Aug. 19, 2022

Delves into the history of genito-urinary medicine (GUM) and modern-day GUM practice.

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Ep.77 - Ericka Johnson - Cultural Biography Of Prostate

Feb. 18, 2022

Ericka Johnson discusses what we think the prostate is and what we use the prostate to think about, examining it in historical, cultural, social, and medical contexts.

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Ep.76 - Stephanie Allen - Counterfeiting the Loss of Virginity

Feb. 4, 2022

Dr Stephanie Allen examines an element of female sexual fraud; counterfeit maidenheads.

Sexual Health

Ep.63 - Jennifer Evans - Men's Sexual Health In Early Modern England

Aug. 6, 2021

How did men cope with sexual health issues in early modern England? How did they feel when their bodies failed them? This talk investigates how sexual, reproductive, and genitourinary conditions were understood.

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Ep.57 - Mona O’Brien - Controlling An Angry Dog - Understanding And Managing The French Disease

May 14, 2021

Mona O’Brien explores how Europeans came to understand syphilis and some of the measures that they enacted in an attempt to control it during the period from the first pandemic outbreak (c.1495) until the 17th century.

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Ep.45 - Noelle Gallagher - Syphilitic Noses In Eighteenth Century British Literature And Art

Nov. 27, 2020

Dr Noelle Gallagher explores the weird and wonderful cultural life of deformed noses in eighteenth-century British literature and art.

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Ep.43 - Tracey Jolliffe - Syphilis In The 21st Century

Oct. 30, 2020

Tracey Jolliffe discusses the science of syphilis in the 21st century.

Sexual Health

Ep.6 - Mary Fissell - The Strange History Of Aristotle's Masterpiece

June 10, 2020

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: The Strange History of Aristotle's Masterpiece, by Prof. Mary Fissell.