Gastroenterology Episodes

Gastroenterology Hepatobiliary Surgery

Painful and Painless Jaundice (31 Oct 2022)

Oct. 31, 2022

Dr Jonathan Bardgett talks with Mr James Milburn and Dr Umesh Basavaraju about jaundice and patients presenting with or without accompanying pain.


Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (14 Feb 2022)

Feb. 14, 2022

Dr Bardgett interviews Dr Bain about managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Gastroenterology Hepatology Psychiatry Transplant

Alcohol and Addiction (7 June 2021)

June 7, 2021

Dr Smyth talks about the mental health aspects of alcohol misuse, management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and the process of liver transplantation assessment.

Gastroenterology Hepatology Public Health

Alcohol Liver Disease (7 June 2021)

June 7, 2021

Dr MacGilchrist talks about alcohol-related liver disease and alcohol dependence.