July 5, 2021

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (5 July 2021)

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (5 July 2021)

Dr Ryan interviews Prof Baker and Dr Gill about Clinical Pharmacology.

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Dr David Ryan interviews Professor Emma Baker and Dr Dipender Gill about Clinical Pharmacology discussing their day to day experiences and why everyone should consider it as a specialty. 

Professor Baker is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, St George's, University of London with an interest in polypharmacy, translational research and education. Clinical Vice President of the British Pharmacological Society, with the remit of promoting Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics as a medical specialty. Training Programme Director for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in London with a passion for making sure that specialty training is excellent!

Dr Gill works at St. George's Hospital and St. George's, University of London, where he is appointed as a an NIHR Clinical Lecturer. Dipender also works flexibly as a Specialist in the Genetics Department of the Novo Nordisk Research Centre in Oxford and has continued an honorary affiliation at Imperial College London, where he is supported by the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence.

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