June 27, 2022

Lung Health Check (27 June 2022)

Lung Health Check (27 June 2022)

Dr Shah interviews Dr Crosbie about the Lung Health Check Pilot.

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Dr Hussun-Ara Shah interviews Dr Phil Crosbie about the Lung Health Check Pilot, the new national lung health checks and supporting patients with smoking cessation.

Dr Crosbie is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester. His main clinical and research interest is lung cancer with a specific focus on early detection and screening. Phil is research lead for the Manchester Lung Health Check Service and co-chief investigator of the Yorkshire Cancer Research funded Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial. He is also member of the national Targeted Lung Health Check Expert Advisory Group and Early Detection lead for Cancer Research UK’s Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence.

Recording date: 4 March 2022

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