Jan. 23, 2023

Toxidromes in AMU (23 Jan 2023)

Toxidromes in AMU (23 Jan 2023)

Dr Hannah Preston discusses toxidromes with Dr Euan Sandilands.

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In this episode of Clinical Conversations, Dr Hannah Preston discusses toxidromes (different poisoning presentations) and their management in the acute medical unit (AMU) with Dr Euan Sandilands, with a focus on hyperthermic toxidromes.

Dr Euan Sandilands is Consultant Physician at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, and Director of the National Poisons Information Service - Edinburgh unit. Dr Hannah Preston is a Renal Registrar in Edinburgh and Co-Chair of RCPE's Trainees and Members' Committee (T&MC).


TOXBASE: www.toxbase.org

Recording date: 1 August 2022

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