March 3, 2023

Ep.19 - Past & Present - Dermatology

Ep.19 - Past & Present - Dermatology

Delves into the history of dermatology and modern-day dermatology practice.

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In this episode we explore the history of dermatology. We start with anatomical texts and the history of flaying and displaying human skin. We then uncover dermatology illustrations, wax models and photography, along with some of the great figures who advanced the study of skin diseases.

Then we talk to Dr Ophelia Dadzie – a dermatologist working today.

And we end with the case study of Mrs Mathews, a little-known patient of Dr William Cullen, an Edinburgh physician in the late 1700s. Treatments prescribed to Mathews included blistering and bloodletting and we explore the history of cutting, breaking and opening the skin as forms of treatment.


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