July 8, 2022

Ep.2 - Past & Present - Palliative Care

Ep.2 - Past & Present - Palliative Care

Delves into the history of palliative care and modern-day palliative care practice.

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In this episode we delve into the history of palliative care, starting with Carl Marx (with a C, not a K – so not that Karl Marx). Exploring the history of euthanasia and hospices – right up to the 1970s.

We also talk to Dr Jeena Ackroyd, a Consultant in Palliative Medicine, about her experiences and insights into her work. And we finish up with a historical case study – looking at the last days of the esteemed midwife, chloroform discoverer and President of our College James Young Simpson.


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A full transcript of this podcast episode can be downloaded here: https://www.rcpe.ac.uk/heritage/talks/past-present-palliative-care