July 22, 2022

Ep.3 - Past & Present - Rheumatology

Ep.3 - Past & Present - Rheumatology

Delves into the history of rheumatology and modern-day rheumatology practice.

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In this fortnight’s episode we explore the past and present of rheumatology. Dubious diagnoses, a bit of class prejudice and sexism and 18th century occupational health are all in here.

Then we talk to Professor Frances Williams about her experiences working as a consultant rheumatologist.

And, to finish off, we explore Ruben’s The Three Graces and the perils of diagnosing historical figures, both real and fictional, with 21st century diseases.


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A full transcript of this podcast episode can be downloaded here: https://www.rcpe.ac.uk/heritage/talks/past-present-rheumatology