May 26, 2023

Ep.5 - Head To Toe - Teeth

Ep.5 - Head To Toe - Teeth

Join us as we explore the history of medicine, from head to toe! This time: teeth.

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Teeth have been a constant source of pain and problems throughout history – from rotting teeth and tooth pullers, to false teeth and the horrors of historical dentistry.

In this episode we explore the history of toothpaste and the mighty toothbrush and the story behind artificial teeth implants made from ivory, bone, and even real human teeth!

And we finish up by looking at some tooth-related treatments, including spiders' webs, raven dung and a red hot iron!


Researcher and presenter: Laura Burgess has been a volunteer with RCPE Heritage since 2021 after completing her MA in History from UNC Charlotte.

Editor and producer: Sarah E Hayward completed her PhD in Museums and Heritage Studies at Kingston University London in 2023. She has been a volunteer with RCPE Heritage since 2021. She has a passion for archival research and she loves to explore creative ways to assemble and share the hidden stories she uncovers.

Researcher and presenter: Olivia Howarth is a volunteer with RCPE Heritage, a recently qualified archivist, heritage enthusiast and self-proclaimed lifetime nerd with an interest in medical history.

Guest historian clip: Professor Glen O'Hara - Oxford Brookes University.


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