Aug. 16, 2021

Microaggressions (16 Aug 2021)

Microaggressions (16 Aug 2021)

Dr Ryan talks to Dr Baruah about microaggressions, how to recognise them, and what actions you can take.

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Dr Tina Ryan talks to Dr Rosie Baruah about microaggressions, how to recognise them and actions you can take.

Dr Baruah is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Western General Hospital and Hon. Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh.

The Seven Acts of Allyship 

  • Appetite – Do you have the appetite to immerse yourself in the complex, emotive world of race equality?
  • Ask – Ask questions about race, be curious, read, learn and educate yourself.
  • Accept – Accept there is really a problem. More data aren’t needed.
  • Acknowledge – Openly acknowledge that the problem needs to be dealt with.
  • Apologise – Express sympathy that racism is affecting people of certain races.
  • Assume – Don’t. Instead develop informed views by seeking to understand individuals.
  • Action – Take demonstrable action steps to establish equality and be accountable.

7 A's Infographic:

Dr Rosie Baruah:

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